Our Activities

We don’t like to sit back and do the same old boring program. Explore Social is all about fun and of course, discovery. Each activity we plan not only is fun but also challenges our clients to build on their self confidence in both a personal and group environment.  Below are just some examples of our activities.

Beach Walks


The beach walk is a great way to get out and enjoy our beautiful environment. We are blessed to have some of the best beach walks in the country. These walks are great exercise and it gives our clients a good understanding of our local environment how we can help look after it.

Culinary Days


Cooking is a great skill to learn and our culinary days do just that. Working as teams we challenge our clients to cook a delicious meal following a recipe. These culinary days are also great ways to teach our clients the importance of cooking safety and hygiene.

Seeing a show


Seeing a theatre productions or visiting a festival of food is a great way to be part of an audience or a crowd. One thing that we promote to our clients during these shows or events is that they are in a social setting surrounded by like-minded people. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.



We are big advocates for giving back to the community and the positive benefits it has for our clients. The community is always in need of help from pulling weeds in bushland to helping deliver meals to our elderly. If our client wants to help, we will be sure to make it happen.