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Our Program 

Our program is both flexible and accommodating. Our clients can pick and choose what they'd like to get involved with. No lock in agreements or no minimum activity requirements, just a bunch of good people having heaps of fun. 

We're always working with our clients and partners to create fun, exciting and sometimes challenging events that build on confidence and teamwork.  

One thing we pride ourselves on is diversity. We like to expand our client's skills and help them discover new things. From exploring local bushland for native foods to learning how to catch a fish. It's all about having a go and getting involved at Explore Social. 

Here's what a standard week looks like: 

Thursday - Bush Walk around West Head

Friday - Getting creative at a drawing class

Saturday - Knocking some pins at the bowling alley

Sunday - Having a nice lunch by the water 

Digital Hang Out Thursdays 

Our clients come from different areas of Sydney and the Central Coast and we understand that sometimes it can be a little too difficult to get involved in all our events so we host digital hang out sessions online to simply chat, check in and see how everyone is doing! 

Be sure to see our What's On page for key activities you can RSVP to. 

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