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Steve Collopy





My Whippet - Luna and 2 gold fish, Tom and Jerry


Fishing, surfing and cooking

Where is your favourite place to visit and why? 

Bali, it's my second home. 

Favourite Movie?

It's a tough call between Jurassic Park and Independence Day. I love both dinosaurs and aliens equally. 

If you could only eat one food what would it be and why?

My mum's cooking. 

Favourite Sports Team

Manly Sea Eagles 

If you were stranded on a desert island who would be the three people you would want to be with and why? 

David Attenborough - I could talk to him forever, Bear Grylls since he'd keep us alive and Carl Barron for a good time. 

Favourite inspirational quote or saying? 

It's easy to be kind. 

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